Feelings: Series II (ALL 5s)

In the spirit of Mental Health, we felt is was only right to expand this collection with a brand new twist focusing on the 5 moods. Envy (green), Love (pink), Sadness (blue), Anger (red) and Happiness (yellow).

Here the Feelings Collection returns in the form of "5's" to stand for all the feelings. Backed by the original glorious colors we introduced in Series I and replaced by the number "5" symbolizing all the moods at once. This goes around introducing a special "puzzle piece" print for Autism Awareness. This collection breaks boundaries by breaking the stigma of Mental Health without saying a word.

Let your fashion speak volumes to the world while taking a stand, giving those with no voice a voice. Mental Health is important and we here at Imperial believe that statement holds a lot of weight. Always remember and never forget Health is Wealth!

This is the Legacy