Our Story

Mental health is a growing crisis throughout the world. A diagnosis of mental health issues during critical stages of development in a child can and will have a significant influence on who they become, early on in life. Several cultures in society frown upon diagnosis of mental health issues. Without proper knowledge and understanding of the challenge, mental health issues may be perceived as a weakness, an individual being lazy, or even irresponsible. We as a society have to do more than just telling a person dealing mental health issues to get over it or “man up” when feeling overwhelmed. What if there was a way for a person to make a statement about owning their emotions using more than words? Live out loud! Live. Love. Legacy. Three words that mean so much. What if we lived in a world where it was cool to express ourselves? What if we were encouraged to say how we feel and express it? That is where Imperial Legacy Clothing is different from the rest.
Who We Are?
Dynamic. Cutting edge. Family. Unity. Imperial. Legacy. A clothing brand that embodies all these aspects and more. To make it clear, since birth we all come to this earth having to fulfill the challenges in life that is bestowed upon us. No matter who our ancestors are, nor what talents and/or disabilities we are given, we are all kings and queens in our own right. Fate only plays a small role in who we become (Imperial). What we leave behind once we are gone, lives forever (Legacy). I have taken my love for fashion and passion for mental health awareness to fuel my motivation to stand out from other clothing brands, to create Imperial Legacy Clothing. We are a black-owned, sibling operated clothing label. Together, we bring awareness to mental health in our community and beyond.
The theory behind Imperial Legacy Clothing is simple. In our own right we are kings and queens, princes, and princesses. Fate can only be blamed partially for what we allow ourselves to become (Imperial) and the other half is us. The drive that we possess. The goals that we seek. What we want out of life...this is what makes up our (Legacy). Imperial Legacy Clothing is operated by a dynamic brother/sister team along with their two lifelong friends who came together with the common goal of leaving a legacy behind for our families. All team members are either currently working with people with mental health issues or has had come to terms with family or close friends who have had to face challenges with this growing crisis.
We are currently focusing on our ‘Feelings Collection’ because we would like to shed light on mental health awareness, bringing social misconceptions to the forefront. My brother and I are both in the mental health field and have experienced firsthand how difficult it is for people to face their emotions at times. Our series focuses on 5 Distinct Feelings: Happiness which is bright yellow, Sadness which is blue, Envy which is green, Anger which is red, and Love which is pink. Feelings is meant to be a lighthearted fun collection, but it is also meant to help people express their feelings without words.
The ‘Feelings Collection’ capitalizes on different moods that are prevalent in both society and mental health. Those same moods can often go unnoticed. It is common for people to associate pink ribbons in October for breast cancer awareness, blue light bulbs in April for autism awareness, and red ribbons to support people living with H.I.V. Our goal is for the ‘Feelings Collection’ to grasp individuals with the same familiarity, but with mood color schemes. The idea behind Imperial Legacy’s color scheme is to draw people to the particular design and color, which may fit their state of emotion or style of choice at that particular time in their life. The chosen emotions were picked because they are feelings everyone has experienced and can relate to, no matter what age group a person falls in.
Live.. Love..Legacy